ENERGEN - Agricultural biostimulants to improve productivity
• Development and sale of ENERGEN preparations for agricultural crops
• Consultations in the field of plant stimulation
• Preparation of new raw materials and supplements for agriculture
What are agricultural biostimulants?

Since ancient times, farmers have used products to stimulate plant growth to increase yields, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Currently, thanks to science, we know how these substances act and benefit crops. Experiments and scientific research help identify new bioactive compounds and beneficial microorganisms, as well as learn more and more about their influence on processes within plants.

The basis of the development is the refinement of the stimulating and regulating effects of our preparations in relation to the different growing conditions of plants, crops and varieties. The development priority is to increase and refine the effect of adaptogens. Especially effects that increase the resistance of plants to drought and cold. Production is located in the Czech Republic.
ENERGEN ALGAN is a liquid concentrate made of fresh seaweed (Ascophytum nodosum).
Product with with supporting fungicidal and bactericidal effect, substances stimulating growth, substances improving natural resistance to drought, matters supporting penetration of active substances.
Promoting the formation of yield by increasing the flow of assimilates to seeds and fruits. Helps retain 15 to 30% more water in plants for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.
ENERGEN FULHUM is a modified aqueous solution of substance salts.
Contains a highly effective dose of biological active substances which affect the rate of release of feed agents from seeds and thereby stimulates and synchronises the entire germination and emerging.
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