Product with with supporting fungicidal and bactericidal effect, substances stimulating growth, substances improving natural resistance to drought, matters supporting penetration of active substances
Also contains: High concentration of plant extracts with supportive fungicidal and bactericidal effect, growth-promoting substances, substances increasing natural resistance, and substances increasing the penetration of active substances into the leaf. pH 7-9.

Wetting effect - improves coverage of spray.

Sticking effect - creates a film on leaves that is resistant to being washed away by rain. It receives moisture from dew and repeatedly doses the active substance to the leaves. It significantly increases intake of active substances.

Penetrating effect - is made ​​possible by a special set of substances that work as wetting agents and adhesives, while increasing the penetration of active substances and nutrients through the leaf skin and through the membrane of all cells. Through the regulation of cellular membranes it has a positive impact on the water management in cells. Therefore it results in dramatically improved effect of active systemic fungicides, insecticides, and increased intake of foliar nutrition delivered simultaneously.

Dramatically increases resistance to drought - helps plants to retain moisture during times of stress from drought. It is capable of withholding 25% more water in plants for the period of 2 months. This is then reflected in the yield.

It maintains good photosynthesis in bad weather.

Special effects


The strong, supportive fungicidal and bactericidal effect makes it

ideal for combination with active systemic fungicides. 

Promotes formation of the root system.

Improves assimilate flow to growing seeds and fruits.

Improves biosynthesis of sugars in plants and fruit (grapes, sugar beets, sugar cane, fruit crops, fruiting vegetables) and the biosynthesis of active substances (hops, aromatic substances in fruits and plants ...).


For stimulating and fungicidal support dose from 0.5 to 0.7 litre /1 ha in at least 100 litres of water. For very strong support of fungicides the dose of 1 l/ha is recommended. To achieve anti-stress effects to drought the dose of 0.3 litre/ha is recommended. When mixing with other products it is always essential to follow the principle that products should be added while stirring to the sprayer that is pre-filled with water to at least 70% of its capacity! When combined with other liquid fertilizers the coagulability test is recommended; this also applies to acidic agents. Combinations with pesticides (in consultation with the producers) are recommended to be tested on a small volume (e.g. in 0.1 litre). As prevention we recommend (in combination with other products and fertilizers) that the product be applied within 15 hours after mixing. 

The product is recommended for use with cereals, rape, mustard, poppy, sunflower, sugar beet, corn, legumes, vegetables, hops, fruit, ornamental and forest trees, vegetables and technical crops, vine. CLEANSTORM ENERGEN is a universal product recommended for use where it is desirable to positively affect growth and development of plants, their fruits, and their resistance to drought and significantly increase resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.