ENERGEN FULHUM is a modified aqueous solution of substance salts
ENERGEN FULHUM is a modified aqueous solution of substance salts
obtained by the original decomposition of technical lignosulfonate. Individual components of this raw material have different effects on the plant physiology.

BASIC EFFECTS - dose from 0.5 to 0.7 litre/ha:
Promotes the formation of fine root hairs. Consequently, it enhances the exploitation of moisture and nutrition.
Stimulates growth and yield. In particular, by promoting the flow of metabolites into seeds and fruit.
Increases the seed size. Especially, with good supplies of nutrients.
It positively affects the content of N in the grain of bread wheat.

Special effects
SPECIAL EFFECTS - dose from 0.3 to 0.5 litre/ha:
Increases germination energy and considerably affects the speed and quality of germination. Enables steady emergence of plant stands, and increases the rate of photosynthesis in germinating plants. When applied to seeds, it eliminates inhibitory effects of mordants.

Adaptogenic effect
Cold – Allows treated plants to tolerate temperatures by 2 to 3oC lower, if compared to control plants.
Drought – Helps retain 15 to 30% more water in plants for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.
Salinity – Promotes plant growth in salt substratum.
Tolerance threshold – Increases the disease tolerance threshold.

Increases the content of reserve substances (starch, sugar in sugar beet and in grapevine and fruit)

Increases the content of active substances in plants (alpha-bitter acids in hop, active substances in healing herbs).

Universally applicable to all crops throughout the growth.
For arid areas with little or insufficient rainfall.

Special purpose

Damage recovery: after chemical, mechanical and frost damage to plant stands.

Broad-leaved and needle-leaved trees, lawns: throughout the growth.

Mixing with herbicides is not recommended, as strong stimulating effect recovers weeds


Main crops: cereals – wheat, barley, maize, rye, oat, triticale, rape, mustard, poppy, potatoes, sugar beet, grapevine, sunflower, strawberry

Special crops: soya, pea, lentil, onion, garlic, cauliflower, kohlrabi, all kinds of lettuces, cabbages, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, capsicums, tomatoes, fruit trees, small fruit, broad-leaved and needle-leaved trees in ornamental and orchard nurseries, lawns

Special application

“Under heel” application on sowing together with nutrition in a dose of 1 l/ha

Treating seeds and planting stock before sowing (cereals, rape, poppy – seeds generally 2 to 5 litres/t of seed) Planting (potatoes – 2 to 3 l /t of planting stock).